Painting in the Wind

The day broke with sunshine, scattered clouds and the promise of mild temperatures — all good omens for painting outside — but a steady wind picked up as I headed out to Lory State Park west of town, and by the time I got there, the wind was sending snow flying across the road and … read more

The Glorious Gift of Sight

I just had my second cataract surgery the other day, and I am jaw-droppingly amazed at the results.  My first cataract surgery two weeks ago showed me its potential: the gift of immediately improved eyesight. I, who have had glasses since I was 6 years old and for whom the point of focus has been … read more

Wandering the Western Slope

Several weeks ago my husband and I drove over the Rocky Mountains to explore what’s known here in Colorado as the “Western Slope.” Specifically, we went to learn something about the Grand Valley, where the Rocky Mountains give way to the Colorado Plateau, where the Colorado River meets the Gunnison and where a city appropriately-named … read more

Searching the Shale

Sitting at the edge of a landfill isn’t what I envision when I’m anticipating an afternoon of landscape painting, but that’s exactly where I found myself a few weeks ago. The way this happened is nothing new. When my husband and I travel, each of us gets to select a natural feature, historic site or roadside oddity that … read more

Wind and Wildness

I’m back home after my month-long artist residency in southern Wyoming. Besides working on my book project, I hiked its hills, painted its mountains, presented my journals to a group of its schoolchildren, toured one of its small-town museums and drove its dirt roads to the back of beyond, but I can’t say I have … read more

In Wild & Woolly Wyoming

As I picked my way carefully across one of the high passes in Wyoming’s Medicine Bow Mountains on my way to the artist residency, I thought the worst part of the drive was the snow-packed highway, the fierce wind and the blowing snow that obscured my vision. I was wrong. When a tractor-trailer passed me in the … read more

What’s an artist residency?

As I mentioned in recent posts, I’ll be heading to the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts in Saratoga, WY, in a few days to start an artist’s residency. Friends are asking a lot of questions: How did you hear about this? Where is it? How did you get this? What will you do there?  Will your husband come … read more

Not such a bad thing…

Last month I wrote about going to paint outdoors on a very cold day. To those of you who wrote with concern about my sanity, I have a confession to make: once I got out in the bitter cold that day, I just couldn’t make myself sit in the snow to paint. I took photos instead and then retreated to my … read more

Wishing You A Little Peace on Earth

I’m standing at my office window contemplating the scene outside. The sun is rising, but its faint glow is barely discernible behind a wall of clouds. In the growing light I see a thick blue-gray blanket of snow covering streets and yards. It is 8 degrees out there. View from my office window This morning my plein air group will meet … read more

Colorado Yellow

When you fly out of Atlanta in mid-October, as I did a few weeks ago, you rise up out of a forest of green, as the trees haven’t yet turned color with the change of season. As my plane lifted into the sky the green was swallowed up by clouds and the ground didn’t reappear again … read more