Wandering the Western Slope

Several weeks ago my husband and I drove over the Rocky Mountains to explore what’s known here in Colorado as the “Western Slope.” Specifically, we went to learn something about the Grand Valley, where the Rocky Mountains give way to the Colorado Plateau, where the Colorado River meets the Gunnison and where a city appropriately-named … read more

Wind and Wildness

I’m back home after my month-long artist residency in southern Wyoming. Besides working on my book project, I hiked its hills, painted its mountains, presented my journals to a group of its schoolchildren, toured one of its small-town museums and drove its dirt roads to the back of beyond, but I can’t say I have … read more

Not such a bad thing…

Last month I wrote about going to paint outdoors on a very cold day. To those of you who wrote with concern about my sanity, I have a confession to make: once I got out in the bitter cold that day, I just couldn’t make myself sit in the snow to paint. I took photos instead and then retreated to my … read more

Wishing You A Little Peace on Earth

I’m standing at my office window contemplating the scene outside. The sun is rising, but its faint glow is barely discernible behind a wall of clouds. In the growing light I see a thick blue-gray blanket of snow covering streets and yards. It is 8 degrees out there. View from my office window This morning my plein air group will meet … read more

Colorado Yellow

When you fly out of Atlanta in mid-October, as I did a few weeks ago, you rise up out of a forest of green, as the trees haven’t yet turned color with the change of season. As my plane lifted into the sky the green was swallowed up by clouds and the ground didn’t reappear again … read more

Visiting with Rachel Carson

I just returned from a trip to Maine and am still reveling in the beauty I discovered there at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. A sanctuary for migratory birds and for people like me seeking a retreat from the stress of modern life, the refuge stretches along 50 miles of the southern coast of Maine. The approach to the … read more

Why Paint Landscape?

Evening, Soapstone Prairie – gouache on cradled panel, 12 x 24, 2016 As I sat here yesterday putting the finishing touches on the painting above, I was aware of just how much I love painting landscape. And why is that, you may ask? Beauty is the first reason. My work is about place, and the places I … read more

Winter Painting — Outdoors!

Before moving to Colorado not only had I never painted outdoors in winter, I’d never even considered it. So when I arrived here in the fall, 2015, I assumed the plein air painting group I had joined would close up shop in the coming winter. Not so! Each Friday a band of 6 – 10 hardy … read more

Open Studio

Last week I opened my studio to the public during my city’s annual Studio Tour. What an exciting weekend! Over 100 people came through. I got to meet lots of my neighbors and to introduce myself and my artwork to the community. My studio with artwork on display But getting ready for a studio open house takes weeks … read more

On the road again

We’d been living here in Colorado for six months when the itch to be back on the road hit hard. It was time to load up the truck and go check out the “neighborhood:” eastern New Mexico! When you think of eastern New Mexico — if you do — you may think of quaint adobe architecture in Santa Fe or little … read more