Wandering the Western Slope

Several weeks ago my husband and I drove over the Rocky Mountains to explore what’s known here in Colorado as the “Western Slope.” Specifically, we went to learn something about the Grand Valley, where the Rocky Mountains give way to the Colorado Plateau, where the Colorado River meets the Gunnison and where a city appropriately-named … read more

Working at the speed of life

Sometimes life works hard at keeping me from getting into the studio — or even keeping up with blog posts, as you who follow this blog may have noticed. The past several months have been overfull with difficult events, such as several illnesses and deaths among family and friends, as well as happier projects, such … read more

Exhibiting for a good cause

The “Great Recession” has been hard on artists and those who show and sell artists’ work. Art organizations have postponed shows, cut back on advertising and prize money and, in many cases, just outright closed their doors. I chose to sit it all out for a while, retreating from exhibiting in order to focus on … read more

Workin’ the Memories

One of the great pleasures of travel is re-living a trip through artwork. When I get back from a trip, I find that making sketches or paintings from my experiences and photos is a great joy. I got right down to business just a week after my return this time, a record, as I usually … read more